About Us

About Us

For over 2 decades I have strived to stay away from soda, dyes and artificial additives as much as possible for myself and my children. More recently I’ve become aware of many more non-healthy items being put in nearly all of our food sources and again adjusted our lives to eat more naturally buying food with less additives, purchasing local animal products raised humanely and desiring to grow our own vegetables. We increased our recycling and tried to reduce our utilities, but still felt like we weren’t making much of a difference in the world to lessen the impact of humanity. We wanted to do more, and thus the idea of homesteading started our family adventure. We sold our home and after 2 very long rollercoaster years working out the details, we finally bought land, built a recreation center and started Changing Tomorrow Farm.

We hope to inspire your children to enjoy a deeper appreciation for all life on earth through horticulture, livestock and environmental education and healthful living.

About US:

About Us

Our First Full Summer with Staff 2017
Thank you for a wonderful summer !

Standing Left: Kae Bergene
Back Left: Michael King & Nancy O'Donnell
Sitting Left to Right: Troi Davis, Ross Harris & Lexi Baird
Front Center: Kathleen O'Rielly
Right Standing: Nicole Baker



I grew up in Maryland/N. Virginia, went to college in Michigan, and have spent the last 23 years in the triangle area. I am a registered nurse; and after spending 10 years working at a local hospital I moved into the pharmaceutical industry. I have 3 wonderful grown children, 2 beautiful grandchildren and a wealth of supportive family and friends who kept the pressure on when I thought I would never get this to work.

I have very fond memories of being outside all day, playing in creeks, looking for reptiles and insects, building forts in the woods, climbing trees, playing in rain showers, riding my big wheel or bike and staying out until my mom called me home for dinner or when it was dark. I would frequently come home filthy and all scratched up from briars. I still love being outdoors camping, hiking & gardening, but what I really enjoy is just listening the sound of birds singing, or the silence of snow falling in the woods and the smell of rain and feeling a stormy breeze. I think inspiration is contagious and would like to share that love of all of the amazing wonders of this earth with your children.


I also grew up in Maryland in a small town before going to college on the Eastern Shore and then moving to Boston and Manhattan while working in the music industry. I didn’t have the honor of meeting Julie until I moved to North Carolina just over a decade ago, and it has been a whirlwind ever since. In the spring of 2013, we built a new house that I thought would be our forever home with room for Children and Grandchildren. About 6 months after moving in, Julie said she wanted to have some Chickens and Goats. This didn’t really match-up to the rules and regulations of our quaint little subdivision. That’s when Julie’s wheels started turning and she masterminded this amazing farm idea. I also love nature and I strive to treat all people with respect and kindness. I love animals of all sizes and can’t wait to have oodles of them running all around. I look forward to learning with your children about how to grow things, care for animals and help each other to become great citizens of the world.

Our Staff

Nancy - Camp Counselor


Nancy is a country girl from upstate New York. Previously she lived in the Helderberg Mountains, where she raised her two sons with her husband Richard.

Nancy is a life-long animal lover with extensive animal related experience. Her Environmental Science degree was earned through Empire State College. Past employment and volunteering have included: Animal Control Warden, Veterinary Assistance, No-Kill Animal Shelter Assistant, Pet Sitter, Equine Stable Assistant at a horse breeding farm, and a licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator. It was working almost twenty years for Cornell Cooperative Extension in New York State as a Nutrition Educator is where she had the opportunity to work with youth groups of all ages, engaging them to make learning fun.

Alivia - Camp Counselor


Alivia Sheffield was born and raised in a small farm town in Western New York. She went to school for her associates in environmental science and graduated with her bachelors in conservation biology from the State University Of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry. Most of her experience has been in research, primarily focusing on birds and improving habitats, but has also made land management plans for farms to integrate conservation into agriculture practices.

Alivia is passionate about animals, sustainable agriculture, conservation, healthy living, and children. She believes in the next generations ability to reverse many of the environmental crises we face today, and leave the world better place. Alivia has worked with children from the young age of 14 providing educational experiences. Working at Changing Tomorrow Farm, Alivia hopes to help increase children's knowledge of the natural world, conservation and sustainability with minimal impact to the environment.

Michael - Camp Counselor


Michael grew up in Wake County, and recently graduated from NC State University where he majored Wildlife Science minored in entomology. He was also a member of the Rodeo Club at NCSU.

He has a great passion for animals and teaching about them in an exciting, hands-on atmosphere. In the past I have worked as a farm hand and camp counselor, and volunteered in agricultural education outreaches. In his spare time he likes to be outside, enjoying activities such as trail riding, fishing, hiking, and making stone-age technology.

Zoe - Camp Counselor


Zoe Caira has lived in different of parts North Carolina her entire life. Her fondest memories, and still her best days, are outdoors in nature and with animals. She has two rabbits, two dogs, and a horse of her own but still loves to stop and meet any animal that crosses her path. Her passion for animals led her to graduate from North Carolina State University with a degree in Animal Sciences. Zoe has taught horseback riding lessons to children, teens, and adults for over five years. She also is a Registered Behavior Technician who works to improve the knowledge and skills of children with autism. The combination of nature, animals, teaching, and simply having fun with children is a dream come true to Zoe.

Community Service

I am incredibly proud and thankful to have 3 wonderful children who have grown into amazing adults. Two of them have or are still serving in the military (Navy and Marines). Their service enlightened me to the sacrifices that our military member’s and their families make for the love of their country.

We would like to show our appreciation by frequently collecting donations to send to deployed members who live out of a seabag or locally to families right here at home who live on limited income with their families.

We will frequently have a box located in the front of the facility collecting items for the deployed, or household items you would like to donate to families stateside.